Swing Top Clear Glass Bottle Air Tight Reusable Cap Brewing Kombucha 16oz 6 Set

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Bellemain Swing Top Grolsch Glass Bottles 16oz - CLEAR - For Brewing Kombucha Kefir Beer (6 Set)

* PERFECT FOR HOME MADE BEVERAGES: Beer, soda pop, kombucha, keffir, vinegar, cider, flavored cooking oil, herbal extracts and more.
* AIR-TIGHT, REUSABLE CAP: Silicone gasket seal with stainless steel wire bail prevents leaks, keeps contents fresh, and can be opened and reclosed for repeated use.
* FREE OF HARMFUL LEAD AND CADMIUM: Thick, sturdy glass won't absorb odors, flavors or stains, or leach dangerous chemicals like cadmium or lead like other containers.
* EASY TO CLEAN: Cap and bail slide off easily for convenient, thorough cleaning.