Magnetic Bug Screen Door, Fits Door Up To 36 x 83 Inch

  • 1699
  • Save $ 2300

Magnetic Screen Door Aesthetics, protection, comfort and ease all in one!!! Our unique magnetic screen door is exactly what you have been looking for. Made from the best quality mesh, it’s strong and durable. It features powerful magnets strategically stacked into it to ensure that the door never breaks or falls off, closes faster and remains noiseless. This unique door is noise-free and perfectly keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. However, it makes it very easy for kids and pets to pass through without stress. It automatically closes and will never get blown away by the breeze as it has 4 extra gravity sticks at the base frame which keeps it firm. The entire screen frame is characteristically lined with reinforced Velcro for more solidity. It also comes with push up pins to tightly secure the screen into position. Our magnetic door screen is super easy to install, simply follow the included instruction manual and you will be done in no time. Ensure you don’t fix this screen to a metal door as the magnet will stick to the door and will not close freely. Also, note the size of your door frame to enable you to order a screen that will match it.


  • Top Quality : Introducing Fine Magnetic Screen Door, a top quality kind of magnetic door made of high density and antioxidant material.
  • Efficient and Convenient : Very effective against bugs and Mosquitoes, giving them no chance to get into your home while it allows fresh air to flow through and your little kids and pets can go through without stress.
  • Very Silent and No Open Gaps : This magnetic screen door comes with a middle seam that features powerful magnetic cubes and magnetic strips that are strategically stacked to make the door to open and close easily and never break or fall off.
  • Hassle-free to Install : Our top quality magnetic doors come in a standard door size of 36"x83". It also comes in a full-frame and reinforced velcro to give it a more solid nature. However, this magnetic door should not be used on metallic doors, it will stick to the door and will be difficult to close. Simply follow the included instruction manual for a super easy installation.
  • Buy With Confidence : Always go for the best and never settle for less, Our Magnetic Screen Door is unarguably the best you can find in the market and a trial will convince you, We urge you to purchase with absolute peace of mind because what we give you is a great value for your money. Buy Now!